Find Us

From the i70 exit ramp. Take the roundabout and head East towards the Family Dollar and Georgetown Lake. Follow the road until you see a sign for Georgetown Paddle Co. parking on your right hand side, just before the Microtel. We are located in the rear parking lot of Cabin Creek Brewery, by the lakefront.

Meet The Team

Sam Shoyer and Ben Nudelman started Georgetown Lake Paddle Company in 2022 to share a passion for paddle boarding and the natural landscape of Clear Creek County with all Coloradoans and visitors! We are experienced in whitewater and SUP surfing as well as swiftwater rescue and even SCUBA!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in my purchase?

All rentals and classes include use of a quality paddle board, PFD (including whistle), paddle, and leash.

What happens if it rains, snows or there is too much wind?

Colorado Summers, especially in Clear Creek County, are as incredible as they are unpredictable. Our weather policies ensure that all of our customers are safe and get the best possible value for their rental. We understand that many of our customers are driving a reasonable distance to come paddle with us so we inform every customer of a weather related cancellation at least 90 min before your scheduled rental time. We restrict paddling anytime winds are greater than 10 mph (or gusts over 23 mph) and there is lightning within 10 mi. We will refund any cancellation made due to weather within 24 hrs of the rental period.

Where can I paddle?

Our business is located on the “lagoon” side of Georgetown Lake. Experienced paddlers looking for a more scenic experience are welcome to paddle under the small bridge or walk their boards to the larger Georgetown Lake area, however you are expected to be visible to the rental area/ staff within 5 min of the end of your rental time for any rental and renters will need to sign a separate release form to paddle that area. We offer a daily rate of $50 and $90 for an overnight/ 2 day rental so you can take our boards anywhere!

Are there weight limits?

Our paddle boards have a  maximum capacity of 260 lbs. Paddlers must adhere to this weight limit, which dictates if and when 2 paddlers are permitted on the same board.

Can my kids paddle?

Yes! Our smallest youth PFD has a weight minimum of 55lbs, please reference our general weight limit policy to know if a parent and child would be permitted on the same board. We would not be able to rent our equipment to any child who does not properly fit into any of our required gear including PFD, leash and paddle.

Do I have to have a PFD (Life Jacket)?

We require all paddlers under our supervision to wear their included PFD at all times while boating. This helps ensure we can limit the effects of cold and reduce the risk of drowning if an accident occurs.

How do I cancel/reschedule my reservation?

Call us at (720)-619-1228 during business hours or use the reservation link in your email*. After making a booking you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on canceling your reservation. You will receive a full refund if the booking is canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

Can I bring alcohol?

Absolutely not. For safety and liability purposes we do not allow alcohol or anyone who is visibly intoxicated on our boards.

What should I wear?

We believe dressing for the worst (swimming) and hoping for the best is the ideal policy on Georgetown Lake. Our water temperature is typically around 45 degrees, and we do not recommend swimming. Dressing in synthetic layers like polyester is ideal in the event that you swim accidentally. Avoid loose items like large jewelry. Sunscreen is incredibly important as well, even in overcast conditions.

Is the water warm enough to swim?

Georgetown Lake stays around 45 degrees most of the Summer and we do not recommend swimming. We will help you get warm and comfortable to the best of our ability in the event that you take an accidental swim.